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Imperium Authority

Imperium Authority is an independent advisory firm that is fully and solely committed to the interests of its clients. High quality, thoughtful and creative advice is a key success factor of Imperium Authority client work.


Imperium Authority provides its clients with ideas and innovative solutions to complex strategic and financial challenges. The firm’s major goal is to supply intelligent solutions which broaden the scope of strategic options available to its clients.

James is an incredible person, just in general. It’s rare i think in business in a lot of places these days when you actually sign up and talk to people about their services, the sales process is great, right? “Hey I can do all these great things for you…” James can deliver on that.

Kelly Gordon, Dapper Codes

James’ company Imperium Authority specializes in making sure that you get the credibility that you need. They are amazing - very hands off. He delivered what I asked of him and what he promised. Because of it, my company has been doing great.

Kevin Rodas, KR27 Group LLC